CSR Policy & Report

Scan Inter (Public) Company Limited runs business with the best interests towards all stakeholders, the economy, society and environment in a moral, ethical way, with virtue and good governance to ensure that all operations unfold by honest, verifiable and fair means. The Company always considers the effects towards the economy, society and the environment and is ready to amend anynegative impacts for the sustainability of all stakeholders, the economy, the society and the environment.

Fair Business Conduct

The Company runs business fairly and honestly, following codes of good conduct and related regulations and laws while taking relationships between the Company and all stakeholders into consideration at all times.


The Company aims to foster an anti-corrupt culture by running business morally, ethically, and honestly with zero tolerance towards any wrongdoings. This is led by the Conduct of Business Ethics and the Anti-Corruption Policy, along to ensuring that all employees follow.

Respect towards Human Rights

The Company runs business with a conduct to respect, support and protect human rights and freedoms including equally treating others which is the fundamental of human resources management and development.

Ethical Treatment towards Labors

The Company is aware of developing human resources, which is the core leading to sustainable development of the Company itself. Therefore, we focus onhuman resources management policiesfrom the procedure of recruitment, development and appropriate reimbursement with their knowledge and ability to keep quality employees.

Responsibility towards Consumers

The Company is aware of the importance of Consumer’s rights and manufacturing safe and healthwise goods and services for consumersby focusing on research and development of goods and services to respond to the demands of the consumers.

Environment Conservation

The Company strictly follows laws and regulations related to environment management. Serious defensive and corrective measures are ruled out in cases that any of the Company’s operations affect the environment. This also includes developing business operations to decrease any effects upon the environment.

Co-Developing the Community or the Society

The Company emphasizes on coordination and interaction between the organization and the community and the society by supporting volunteer activities that aim to develop the community and the society.

The Company also aims to cooperate for a sustainable society in Thailand by being the leader in clean and sustainable energy technology, and applying the technology for usage at its highest interests as so ensure the general public’s quality of life, creating added value to all shareholders and to take good care of the society and environment.