CSR Activities

Fuel type replacement

In 2016 the Company could reduce the amount of released carbon dioxide when compared to benzene, diesel, fuel oil and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ata quantity of approximately 101 million liters per year (31.62%), 204 million liters per year (63.78%), 9 million liters per year (2.83%) and 5.6 million kilograms per year (1.78%) accordingly.

Carbon dioxide deduction

Greenhouse gases 660,000 tons per year may be reduced when compared to other fuel consumption. PMS, NGV Service Station and Industrial Compressed Natural Gas (iCNG) business altogether may reduce the released amount of carbon dioxide from the congestion of other fuels in 2016 of over 408,000 tons per year (61.82%), 250,000 tons per year (37.88%) and 2,000 tons per year (0.3%) accordingly.