Our Businesses

Engineering Procurement Construction

SCN provides service in designing, manufacturing, contracting, installing and maintaining of NGV service stations by designing the NGV filling system along to manufacturing and supplying equipment for NGV service stations. The equipment required NGV service stations include the compressor, heat exchanger, motor, gas cylinder, gas dispenser etc. The company also provides service in testing natural gas cylinders and NGV service maintenance, fixing equipment maintenance in NGV service stations. All these efforts are to ensure the quality and satisfaction in the continuity throughout operation. At the present, the Company provides service in contracting constructions and installing equipment systems for filling NGV for over 250 stations from the total of 503 service stations in Thailand. The Company also contracts and constructs mother stations for PTT and has been doing so for 12 stations from 17 stations in Thailand.

The Company has advantages in designing, manufacturing contracting, installing and maintaining NGV service stations in terms of capital since the company is able to supply and manufacture equipment for natural gas independently in a quick manner and only purchasing and ordering equipment and materials that have are necessary such as the bare, the shaft, the heat exchanger, the motor etc.

The Company also guarantees parts and equipment in a long term at the same guaranteed time span that the Company receives from trade partners. This is to lessen the risks in case of any expenses that the Company may have to pay if any damages occur.