About SCN

Message from President

From the Scan Inter (Public) Company Limited’s vision to be Asia-Pacific’s leader in energy technology and innovation, we have endlessly devoted time and effort in researching and developing innovative technology related to natural gas as well as applying the results in order to create added value and potential greater than our competitors in the industry. In 2017, the commitment and devotion has lead SCN’s CNG Type IV Composite Cylinder beneath the name N4 project to receive 2nd place in economy from the National Innovation Agency (NIA), Ministry of Science and Technology. The cylinder is unique because of its lightweight yet highly durable properties that help boost efficacy while saving NGV transportation costs. The reward has greatly encouraged the Company and all personnel to continue creating valuable innovations in the future.

This success guarantees SCN’s operation potentials and our readiness to proudly become Asia-Pacific’s leader in energy innovation and technology. Still the Company aims to develop new energy innovation created by Thai people to help the country use limited resources at the highest interest and creating highest value to the country’s economy.

For Corporate Society Responsibilities (CSR), the Company has carried out several projects e.g. providing scholarships to children and juveniles, support knowledge associated with energy to students from many universities who visited the Sainoi plant and the Samkok Private Mother Station (PMS). SCN has also sponsored the Katanyu Foundation to continuously set up the Samkok Rescue Radio Center by allocating an area within the Samkok, Patumthani PMS along with an emergency rescue truck, related equipment in rescuing lives and medical equipment for the Ruamkatanyu staff to help people within Samkok,

Patumthani and nearby areas. This allocation helps save numerous lives from accidents in the proximity. From accident statistics within the responsible area of Samkok Rescue Radio Center by Ruamkatanyu Foundation, in 2017 the staff have helped people involved in accidents for 3,094 times, helping 2,890 injured people and 93 death casualties.

All efforts mentioned are Scan Inter (Public) Company Limited’s devotion and commitment beneath Good Corporate Governance, environment-friendly business running, considering stakeholders along to sharing responsibilities in strengthening the community. These efforts will drive the organization forwards and create satisfying results to Company shareholders.