About SCN

Message from President

At the present, SCN may be renowned as the leader of energy technology in the Asian-Pacific region. SCN brings innovation to business to provide full-scale services in an environment friendly manner. SCN always seeks new innovative technology related to the energyfield to fortify the organization and help the country utilize limited resources to its fullest extent and potential.

The main reason why SCN is the leader in technology related to natural gas is because the Companyfocuses on human resources. Policies include training human resources to be qualified and be the main force in creating innovations which are created and developed by Thai people to change the natural gas related industries.

SCN runs business ethically; considering all stakeholders and participating in the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption Council to be part of the Private sectors who would like to build awareness of problems to contribute to a society with no corruption.

For Corporate Society Responsibilities (CSR), the Company has considered effects towards the economy, society and environment and is ready to decrease any effects. For the economy sector, in 2016 SCN helped reduce the consumed amount of oil in the industrial sector by processing and selling NGV at 265,000 tons/ year, equal to substituting benzene and diesel of up to 305 million liters/year,benzene 95 of 101 million liters/year and diesel of 204 million liters/year which is comparable to costs saving in the transportation sector of 4,800 million THB/year. SCN helped the industrial sector save costs of up to 80 million THB/year, strengthening Thailand’s industrial sectors’ competency potential.

For the environmental, SCN contributed in helping reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment comparable to over 660,000 tons/ year of green-house gases, or the release of carbon dioxide of coal-fueled power plants and natural gas-fueled power plants sizes 215 MW and 1,430 MW accordingly comparable to planting 687,000 perennials per year.

All mentioned are Scan Inter (Public) Company Limited’s determinations to conduct business with care and consideration towards all stakeholders, the economy, society and environment in moral, ethical and fair methods so that all business activities are honest, transparent, fair and considerate towards the economy, society and environment which is the key to success and sustainable growth of the organization.