About SCN

Message from Managing Director

2016 is a year that Scan Inter Public Company Limited or "SCN", the NGV business operator providing complete natural gas systems, has successfully accomplished in driving the overall business performance to grow and reach the target as planned with thenet profit of 307.96 million THB or an increase of 82.57 million THB (37%), compared to the previous year which the net profit was 225.36 million THB. The total income was 2,507.68 million baht or an increase of 20% compared to the same period of the previous year which was 2,095.05 million THB.

The success factor was from the strong potentials of the overall business performance of SCN. The company was able to drive the growth of the business related to natural gas for all segments which are natural gas for vehicles (NGV), industrial compressed natural gas (iCNG), private mother stations (PMS), and NGV third party logistics (TPL). At the same time, the Company also was able to deliver construction and maintenance, including work related to natural gas businesses from PTT better than ever.

For this year, SCN aims to boost the operating results to continuously grow by 40%, with an implementation plan to continuously expand the natural gas business. The retail natural gas or NGV gas stations for vehicles, and industrial compressed natural gas business (iCNG), will be core businesses that will drive business performance this year to meet the goal.

Within 2017, SCN has an investment plan to open 6 new NGV service stations for vehicles with the capital investment of 1,350 million THB, consisting of 3 NGV service stations from the acquisitions with immediately noticeable revenue, and another 3 NGV service stations that are constructing from the capital investment of the 2016, to be completed within this year. The NGV gas station at Amphoe Nam Phong, KhonKaen can be built immediately after receiving NGV fuel sales agreement from PTT and the other 2 NGV gas stations are still pending to receive the agreements from PTT which are expected to receive this year as well.

Moreover, SCN has requested the NGV fuel sales agreement from PTT for the new 3 NGV service stations which were built on the area that is expected to have potentials for NGV retail business. Therefore, the Company will have 16 operating NGV service stations in total with predictable revenue. The Company also plans to invest in NGV service stations by receiving natural gas from oil sources in Petchabun (Associated Gas), which makes the company own a total of 17 service stations by the year 2017 from 7 current operations.

SCN's iCNG business group aims to gain more income to 500 million Baht from the increased volume of natural gas supplied to industrial factories supporting demand for the usage of natural gas as fuel instead of oil and liquefied petroleum gas. In addition to businesses related to natural gas, we also aim to develop renewable energy continuously. By 2017 onwards, the Company will recognize revenue from a 5 MW solar power plant, which is affiliated with Bangpasi Women Agricultural Cooperatives.

While the other businesses related to natural gas, such as private mother station (PMS), NGV Third Party Logistics (TPL), and NGV station designing, manufacturing, contracting, and maintenance of equipment business still show continuously satisfying sales volume. We therefore believe that the overall business of SCN in the year 2017 will be another year of success in driving the business performance to grow rapidly as planned.