About SCN

Message from Chief Executive Officer

2017 is the year Scan Inter (Public) Company Limited or “SCN” focused mainly on building sustainability to the business, especially in NGV recurring income businesses to urge good operation growth in the long term. From that goal, SCN has fortified the Industrial Compressed Natural Gas (iCNG) business to significantly grow by over 65%. This achievement comes from SCN’s success in expanding customer base to new industry plants, both along and outside the gas pipeline. This has led the production capacity at Samkok to fully operate at 100%.

At present, 7 NGV service stations are open fo business and 6 stations are under construction. Important business advancements include signing 5 NGV gas trading contracts with PTT that depends on the heat value at million THB/ million BTU. These will be completed and revenue will be noticeable in 2018. The average sales volume per day is 400,000 kg. Additionally, SCN has signed a contract Bangchak (Public) Company Limited to use the “Bangchak” trademark in 3 of SCN’s NGV service stations, which SCN will build the fuel dispenser within the station to expand service to more consumers.

As for the renewable energy business by the end of 2017, SCN has started potentially operating the 5 MW capacity Solar Farm for co-operation at Nakornpathom after starting to distribute electricity into the system since 2017. In this year, the Company also fortified this business group’s strength by investing another solar farm with a capacity of 1.267 MW at Yangtalat, Kalasin. This trade contracts selling electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) at the basic electricity and Adder price of 6.50 THB/unit. This results in SCN selling electricity from solar farms at a total of 6.267 MW. Spontaneously, SCN still focuses on investing in renewable energy projects to create stability. We are confident that the renewable energy business will constantly earn satisfying revenue.

In 2017 SCN also collaborated with allies to be the contractor for supplying and providing maintenance for 489 air-conditioned NGV buses for 10 years with a financial amount of 4,261 THB from the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA). SCN will apply our 30 years of experience and expertise in the complete NGV recurring business to give technical consultations associated the NGV system in this project. This shall provide Bangkok people with the latest model air-conditioned NGV buses to elevate life quality. From the success in this project, SCN has increased our expertise in the new bus and public transport field, placing the Company in a position ready to take responsibilities in similar projects.

Other than all mentioned projects, SCN also has excellent operation results in original businesses, namely, NGV production and transportation for PTT as well as contracting and selling natural gas related equipment. The success from the CNG Type IV Composite Cylinder beneath the name N4, which SCN received 2nd place in the 2017 innovations for the nation in economy clearly emphasizes on SCN’s position as the leader of natural gas innovation. Many companies and trade partners from overseas had expressed their interest in this innovation, which follows SCN’s vision to become leader in energy innovation in the Asia-Pacific region. This shall continue service in new energy fields efficiently and sustainably.