About SCN

Company Overview


Leading energy innovations and technology in Asia Pacific.



Research and develop energy technology that is clean and sustainable by adapting technology to build value for the business.


Create satisfying return for investors.


Manage human resources to be qualified, create inspiration and maintain a good relationship with the team in a supportive atmosphere.


Plays a part in developing a sustainable environment.

Business Strategy

  • Continual research for development of pertninent energy business
  • Adequate supply of financial resource for relevant development and business progress
  • Allocation of modern technologies for promotion of research and integrated development of products
  • Development of partnership connections for research and development of model products to be testified and approved for international standards
  • Emphasis of copyright declared of products for business advantage
  • Introduction of products recognised as international standard and to utilization in energy business
  • Enhancement of continual progress in development of integral energy business
  • Enhancement of staff's motivation and awareness of importance of research & development
  • Investment of energy business friendly to environment